At Precision Die, we take quality, and providing quality die and stamping services, very seriously. It is imperative for success in the modern age. To this end, we have adopted a unifying and integrated approach that ensures total quality into what we know as the “Precision Die and Stamping Quality Management System”.

Our management system starts with a custom in process inspection plan for each production part we produce, ensuring superior services.

Our experienced production stamping machine operators take full responsibility for the in-process inspection of all metal stamping products.

Next, the stampings are moved to inspection for a preliminary final inspection prior to plating, heat treat or the next internal operation.

After the final operation, all products go back to final inspection for the final inspection process. Next, the parts go to shipping for packaging and stored in inventory ready to ship to our customers.

This system has been very successful, ensuring that we never ship late, or poor quality product to our customers. Top services from local experts.

We actively practice statistical process control whenever it is appropriate or required by our customers for superior components. Continuous improvement is a major goal in all phases of our stamping business.